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It’s Official! Tech It Like A Girl has evolved from a mere personal moniker and philosophy to a people-centered tech education platform helping to take the overwhelm out of navigating modern tech advancements. In the final analysis, Tech It Like A Girl will empower and inform users at all levels of exposure to modern tech tools and the digital space.

How Our Tech Education Platform Works

Tech It Like A Girl is a free-to-access platform, organised into four (4) main areas of interest (categories) and several sub-topics (tags). Our main categories include Definitions & Q&A, Back to Basics tutorials, Reviews & Tech Finds (from around the world), and Quick Tips & Tidbits. Together, the areas of focus ensure the platform provides users with the resources (i.e. information, tools, and processes) that help them form the right mindset to healthily and effectively engage modern tech devices and resources.

All our resources will prove effective irrespective of new technological development(s). This is due largely to the development of all tech being based on similar principles and foundations. Additionally, our platform is mobile-responsive and age-friendly in its design. Consequently, it can be accessed from any Internet-ready device, and is designed using colours and fonts that are easy on the eyes.

Modern Tech and You

The digital space and ever-changing modern technological advancements can be a lot to sift through. However, with the right tools and resources, the same can begin to make sense and work well for you. This is where our tech education platform comes in.

Adding clarity regarding your personal values to the principles learned here you will be well on your way to not only navigating the world of smart tech but doing so healthily and with relative ease. Yes, ease! We are committed to removing feelings of overwhelm when dealing with modern, we ensure the platform is convenient and easy to use. As our content evolves, so too will our platform, and your experience of the same.

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