Tech Podcast Review: Why Jacqueline Corley’s Tech Girls Cast Is Thee Podcast For Women In Tech

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Jacqueline Corley’s podcast for women in tech is fantastic! AND NEEDED!

We often speak of women not being duly represented in the tech space. This argument is further amplified when we bring black women into the conversation. Well, Jackie (as we affectionately call her) is both black and a woman. Her platform is revolutionary!

The Back Story

I recently had the pleasure of virtually meeting the fabulous Jacqueline Corley on Instagram. Shortly after, I started actively connecting with the tech community there. Her content really resonated with me. So too did the mission of the organisation it represented. A burning passion for empowering women who wish to get started in tech is clear. Unsurprisingly, I became a fan of her approach to onboarding women in tech. I also later found out she is a woman of faith and much of her path has been what many outside the Christian faith would describe as intuitive or divinely guided. For Jackie, she is simply guided by the Holy Spirit. Another notion that resonated with me.

It wasn’t long after connecting on Instagram that I was invited to join Jackie on the Black History Month edition of her IG LIVE Series – Tech Girls Chat (yes, she really is great at producing awesome, meaningful content everywhere). It was a no-brainer. I said yes! The rest, as they say, is history; black history. We chatted on February 9, 2021, at around 2:00 PM CST.

The Convo and Set Up For The Podcast

As previously stated, Jackie is passionate about women in tech and the journeys that take them there. So, it was no surprise that during our IG Chat, I was able to share stories and experiences from my journey in tech. It was fun to connect the dots concerning how those led me to where I am today, and where I hope to go.

After that, we exchanged our unique perspectives on being a black woman in tech. We also explored how the same helps shape our voice and contributions to the modern tech conversation. Subsequently, we looked at the direction of innovation in the industry and our voice in it. Highlights from this interview are coming to my YouTube channel. So, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it when it goes live.

Post-chat, I continued to connect with Jackie on IG.

I soon discovered that Jackie launched a new podcast dubbed Tech Girls Cast. I promised her to check it out and give my feedback. When I finally got around to doing so, three episodes were officially available. I quickly subbed the podcast on Spotify, loaded the playlist, and got comfortable with some headphones.

After that, I listened to the podcast while working from my laptop. Well, I loved it. There and then, I decided to officially review the podcast. I felt a review would be beneficial feedback for both Jackie and my Tech It Like A Girl audience. Believe me when I say it is high-quality content. So, without further ado, here is my take on Tech Girls Chat.

Celebrating Women in Tech: All the Great Things About the Tech Girls Cast Podcast

As we all navigate the ebbs and flows of the digitally-reliant world we find ourselves in, we are faced with a need to pivot in our careers, businesses, and lifestyles. In particular, many are desiring to enter the tech industry. At the very least, they wish to acquire the tech skills that will help profitably present their work in the digital space. Still, desiring to make the transition and having the tools to do so are not one and the same. This is particularly true for women. Many women are apprehensive about taking the plunge. Below are a few of the standout features of the Tech Girls Cast podcast that help put women’s minds at ease. This is all while ensuring that the podcast is one to listen to in the future.

01. It Debunks Popular Myths and Brings Clarity

Tech is perceived as male-dominated. Unfortunately, this causes many would-be women tech professionals to question the likelihood of a successful career in the industry. Additionally, the tech industry is seen as a highly technical field. Consequently, the industry seems to require lots of high-level (usually University) education before you can even enter, much less have notable success. However, both perceptions are further from the truth than many women realise. Women need clarity. Thankfully, Tech Girls Cast proves to bevery effective in ‘pulling back the curtain’ and demystifying perceptions.

02. It’s Targeted to Beginners

Bringing clarity goes a long way in attracting those women who are starting. However, this podcast does not simply stop there. It builds on this foundation of clarity and provides REAL insight. Tech Girls Cast highlights the affordable to free tech resources that newbie techies can use to get started when building a career in tech.

In one episode, for example, Jackie recalls how she thought studying computer science at University was the only way to get started and subsequently build a viable career in tech. She would soon come to realise that nothing could be further from the truth, however. After how she got started, Jackie encourages the listener to pursue other options and resources. Namely, those options and resources that are available online. These resources are far more affordable than University and some are even free. Additionally, many are subject to your time and availability. Best of all, they are also of high quality and are quite effective in helping learners garner the knowledge they need to build viable careers in the tech industry.

03. It’s Relatable

Jackie affirms in the description and introduction that this podcast provides listeners with valuable information. This information can be used to build their careers in tech from the ground up. Jackie’s approach to ‘tech for newbies’ is different. Her decision to share the personal experiences of her journey is unique. Sharing her thought processes throughout the journey is particularly powerful.

04. It’s Consistently Good Quality

Tech Girls Cast is committed to producing awesome content. Everything is so well done. The sound engineering, content organisation, and total production quality are all stellar. Truth is, it’s one thing to have great content. It is quite another to be able to produce the same consistently. As far as consistency is concerned, Tech Girls Cast hits it out of the park in this regard too. Listeners can expect to enjoy a new, high-quality episode of the podcast each week during each season.

Conclusion: Subscribe and Keep Listening!

Confession… I am not usually a fan of long-winded podcasts. This is particularly true if the podcast is designed for information or career and life improvement. I am much more of a ‘cut to the chase’ kind of gal. Admittedly, this is with the exception of entertainment podcasts that only require cursory versus attentive listening. So much so, that my very own podcast is dubbed 60 Seconds with Kei Dubb. Each episode is exactly 2 minutes and 2 seconds long.

I was, therefore, very surprised that I was not subconsciously begging Jackie to get to the point. Neither was I growing in frustration at the fact that the podcast was dragging along. Instead, I was engaged from the very beginning. I remained attentive through to the end of each episode. It was like listening to a close girlfriend who was rooting for me. Jackie was freely giving me the resources I needed to make it happen for myself.

In short, Tech Girls Cast is a great listen. It is worthy of your subscription. Currently, I have subscribed to the podcast via Spotify. However, you are free to subscribe and listen using your favourite podcast streaming platforms. Be sure to share the goodness with other women in your tribe who may benefit from the content.

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