It is our Mission to

Completely demistify technological resources and help you effectively leverage them.

Free-to-Access Tech Education Platform

TECHITLIKEAGIRL.COM is designed to empower all of us who must interface with smart devices and the digital space in life and work, with the tools to do so effectively and healthily. This platform is for EVERYONE wherever they are on the tech-savvy spectrum, and is particularly useful to those who must master te basics to come up the digital curve.

...Founder's Perspective

The need for us all to become more technologically-resourceful is the inescapable reality of an increasingly digitally-responsive world. Yet, many of us lack the resources to do so in a healthy, effective, and essentially holistic way.  This is where the work of the Tech It Like A Girl initiative comes in.

Tech It Like A Girl was designed to bring FREE-to-access resources, tools, and tips to anyone and everyone so they can make the best use of the technology in their lives. The goal is to use technological resources while remaining grounded in our real lives and without becoming lost in, and overwhelmed by, virtual realities. 

It is my prayer that through this initiative your digital experiences will be significantly improved and become a positive adjunct to your real lives. 

- Kerri-Anne C. Walker

As our world becomes more technologically-reliant, it is the duty of those of us who are knowledgeable in the field to provide perspective and context to users and help support them as they climb the digital curve.