Age-friendly Design Is Critical In Today’s Tech Space

Our lives and work are increasingly digitally reliant. Consequently, we must all interact with new technologies and digital media interfaces all the more. Understandably, there is an onus on us, the users, to grow in knowledge and learn to use these new tools well. Similarly, however, those who build these tools and design the user […]

Smart Digital Media Tips: Tools for Healthy Tech Engagement

Smart Digital Media Tips cover pic

Smart digital media tips are essential for an increasingly tech-focused world. In a world that is increasingly reliant on digital tools for work and pleasure, it is more important than ever before to engage with digital media in healthy and smart ways. In today’s blurb, we take a closer look at how you can begin […]

Social Media Platforms & You: Laying the Right Foundation

Social Media Platforms & You cover pic

It goes without saying that social media platforms are here to stay. As such, it is important that we learn to interact with them in healthy and smart ways. Doing so is beneficial to us and the ways we work. In today’s blurb, we take a closer look at how we can best lay a […]

About Our Tech Education Platform

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It’s Official! Tech It Like A Girl has evolved from a mere personal moniker and philosophy to a people-centered tech education platform helping to take the overwhelm out of navigating modern tech advancements. In the final analysis, Tech It Like A Girl will empower and inform users at all levels of exposure to modern tech […]