Welcome To A Whole New Tech-Driven World

Whether we like it or not, technology-dependent lifestyles and work modes are here to stay. As we continue to evolve individually and collectively, and as the features and resources afforded by technology continue to become more commonplace, it will become increasingly critical for us to remain aware of the many changes catalyzed by technology and learn to respond to the same. Resourcefulness and personal innovation, driven by tech, will become features of the self-mastery and self-actualization processes as expressed differently for each of us. In other words, we will have to become better managers of ourselves, our immediate environment, and the world at large by becoming better at managing and interacting with technology.

Leveraging Tech To Improve Your Lifestyle and Work

As a woman born in the Caribbean (Ayyyye Jamaica!), I know all too well the opportunities that access to technological resources can have on the growth of sectors and industries important to our quality of life like education, arts/culture, sport, entertainment, science, medicine, and healthcare. I also know all too well the devastating effects that lack of access to the same can have on society at both the micro and macro levels. Technology can help us monetize our work and allow us to access lifestyles, concepts, world views, and experiences that would have otherwise remained far off. Therefore, it is our prerogative – whatever our vocation, purpose, or personal/professional choices – to inform ourselves about the benefits therein and to maximise them. All of this, and more, is the focus of what we provide here through Tech It Like A Girl.

Through Tech It Like A Girl, we are committed to providing a safe space where one can explore the many faces of modern technology in our lives as we interface with the same from a space of knowledge and healthy responsibility. That said, I encourage you to look around and not only enjoy all we have to offer here, but also use the information you find here to improve your life and share the blog through your social media pages with friends, family, and colleagues alike.

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