#makeitworkforyou | Ways to Find Anything on the Internet

Most of us are familiar with websites, search engines, and trying to find information on just about anything we desire from trusty old Google. What many of us may not be readily familiar with, is the fact that there is a lot more to finding accurate, varied, and topic-relevant information than simply to ‘Google It.’ I have learned this through both my experience as an SEO ghostwriter, as well as through those admittedly rare occasions where I simply could not find what I was looking for. Below, are some of the tips I have come up with using said experience to help you navigate the Internet and find what you’re looking for and more.

First Things First: Understanding the Basics of How Content on the Internet Works

We often take it for granted that we can type a question, statement or another kind of phrase in our search engine of choice and find what it is we are looking for. Very few of us understand exactly how and why this works. At the very root of the internet’s search and find feature is various techniques for matching content.

Generally speaking, content on the internet is either in text form or tagged using text-based content. Consequently, when you type a word or a phrase in a search engine, that phrase is sent around the internet to find available content of all types that match the keyword phrases typed in the search engine.

While all search engines work as described above in theory, different search engines will return different results even when the same phrases are typed in the search engine.

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